Helpful gear if you are new to CrossFit!

You have been attending class regularly for a couple of weeks or months and you are starting to realise people turn up with all sorts of weird and wonderful accessories and gear to class. We have compiled a short list of some basic gear and accessories that can ease the transition into CrossFit and enhance your experience.

Apart from needing the usual gym clothes, as we embrace a variety of movements it can take a toll on the skin of the hands. For years now we have been using Jaw Grips. These are a thin fabric which you pop your middle and ring finger through and secure around your wrist. What is the purpose of these? They give your skin on your hands a rest from all the clinging to a barbell or rig. These were an absolute game changer for me. They allowed me to focus on my movements rather than thinking how sore my skin was the whole time! The jaw grips are fantastic because they are thinner than other grips, they also allow you to transition through other movements easily without getting in the way in the middle of a WOD.

Secondly, it is extremely wise to invest in a skipping rope. One that you can cut/adjust to the right height for you and will not get overused by other people. Having your own skipping rope makes learning Double Unders so much easier and enjoyable. Plus you can then practice at home! We stock a wonderful Rope in our store, it is my absolute favourite and Double Unders have never felt so smooth and simple.

There are other accessories you may feel would be beneficial,, like gymnastic tape, to tape your thumbs or fingers to aid with comfort on the barbell or rig. Or perhaps you may find yourself needing wrist straps to give you a little support as you gain more strength and flexibility.

We stock all of the above in our store at KCT CrossFit so please feel free to contact us if you are in need of anything to aid you on your CrossFit journey. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message us. One last thing I will mention is shoes. In CrossFit we can find ourselves climbing a rope, Olympic lifting and running all in one workout. Therefore it is important to have a shoe that is versatile. We recommend either a Metcon or a Nano. These shoes were made for CrossFit and allow us to move through a variety of movements with ease. These shoes are especially fantastic for Rope Climbing as they have an inbuilt groove where the rope can sit! Magic! There have been many versions of the shoes over the years, and if you are stuck for which ones to go for please drop us a message or pop in to see us; Coach Chris is an expert when it comes to shoes!

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead of awesome training!

Look forward to seeing you all.


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